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John Austin Stokes
is ready to go!

Many of our city leaders are working towards a business-friendly San Angelo.  I can help us get there.  I offer extensive experience in streamlining and improving governmental processes at the state and federal level.  I want to help create and utilize more efficient ways for the  city to interact with you as a citizen and you as a business person.  This is the way forward to the economic growth that will improve the quality of life for everyone in San Angelo.


Completed his Masters in Public Administration with emphasis on Fiscal Administration from Texas Tech


Served as a Senior Policy Advisor and District Director in Senator Robert Duncan’s office


Serves as Executive Director of the Concho Valley Council of Governments

John Austin is ready to go as
SMD 5's representative on the City Council
The changes we need most...
Stokes knows how to make!
As Executive Director of CVCOG he has

…overseen multiple entities co-existing under one banner, with over three hundred employees serving the needs of thousands of residents.

…been responsible and accountable for a multi-million dollar annual budget, creating millions of dollars in savings through streamlining of administration and reducing overhead.

…spearheaded a change in the culture of the organization, improving the satisfaction of the employees and the people they serve.

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